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Wednesday , 24, July 2013 Leave a comment

So over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.  Not that I am not in a constant state of deep thought most of the time, but there has been more of them, and deeper thoughts than previously.  One of those thoughts was to get my thoughts out of my head, onto paper.  While paper is fantastic, some of the thoughts I have I want to share with people.  I want people to know what I’m thinking and how.  Not everything, of course, because some things people just don’t need to know.  But there are actual paper journals for those thoughts, which I’m sure someone will find hundreds of years from now, and laugh at.

This is going to be my place to pontificate.  To muse upon events in my life.  To brag about my quilting, or moments in life that are my triumphs.  It will be my place to enumerate my sadness, my happiness, my anger.  But sharing these I think helps other people share in those moments as well.  To connect somewhere on the random cables and copper wires that connect us all these days.  Because that’s really one of the only ways we connect anymore, isn’t it?  But I digress- that’s another note for another day.

Life seems to move faster as each year passes, and I want to make sure that I’m also remembering the good times as well as the bad, so I can look back on both in times where I need to remember that it does get better from here, and that I can survive anything.  And that even in dark moments, there are bright spots that are brighter than any star in the sky.

So once more into the fray we go, and we’ll see how it goes.

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