Finding Joy

Thursday , 26, September 2013 Leave a comment

I have always loved the movie Pollyanna.  Not just for the fabulous Victorian clothing, or because I want to win a doll at a carnival, or the general sense of community that’s built throughout the movie (or even Haley Mills and her adorableness.)  Part of it is because I think Karl Malden is an incredible actor, but its really more about the idea of looking for the good.  Not just in people, but in everything.  Finding joy and goodness, even in the face of horrible situations, or crankiness, or really any adversity.  I mean seriously- she falls from the roof of a Victorian Mansion, to be paralyzed, and can still smile and pet puppies and stuff at the end.  Hardcore joy right there.


Unfortunately, I don’t have that continuously happy demeanor, or even a brain that can always look “on the bright side of life.”  But there are moments when I have good days, and I can see this.  I feel joy and all that stuff.  Today is one of those days, where I can look at the bright sun, see the beauty in the sunrise, and the adorableness in my cats.  Even when they’re coughing up hairballs.  so I’m going to take this opportunity to start something new in my life.  I’m going to try to find joy every day.  Even when it feels like there’s no joy to be had.  Even when I’m sick, or depressed, or freaking out about the horrible things going on today.  I’m going to try to find at least 3 things to be “glad” for.

These aren’t things that make me happy, per se, but things that could just give me a little joy, or a way to be glad.  I mean there really can’t be a reason to be happy for the flu if I were to get it again, but there are many things to be glad for (like clean sheets, or warm blankets when I have a fever for example.)  So I’m going to start today with posting 3 things that bring me joy today.

This is all in helping to remind myself also when I think its ok to be a passive participant of my life, that I really do want to experience life in all its forms, a la Mr. Rupert said today in his blog.  Scuffed knees and all, I want to live life, not watch life.

So today’s joys-

1- the first taste of coffee when its made

2- knowing that I’ve grown alot in my personal and professional life

3-the calluses on my fingers from quilting.

What brings you joy today?

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