Everyone is replacable

Thursday , 12, September 2013 Leave a comment

So for the National Suicide Prevention week, To Write Love on Her Arms has published this PDF : http://www.tiredchildren.com/twloha/nspw2013splash/WSPD2013PDF.pdf


You’re supposed to write on it why you cannot be replaced.  I sat and looked at it repeatedly, but right now, I honestly cannot see how I cannot be replaced.  Every day we’re reminded in our jobs that we are replaceable,  people come and go from our lives, and so on and so forth.  While everyone is supposed to be a beautiful, unique snowflake, are we really?

I’ve been dealing with a lot of transition in the past few months, and struggling with my own sense of self and self esteem in some ways.  Its well known that I don’t deal well with change, and because of some events that happened earlier in this year, and things happening in my own head, I’m struggling a little more than I have been previously.  A couple of things have also triggered some previously trained out bad habits in my brain, so that has been affecting me as well.  However, this specific thing really does bug me because I can’t see how I am not replaceable.  Sure, I do very unique things, and I have many talents.  I know that I am a great person, and that I have many friends and many people who are happy that I’m a part of their lives.  But I am replaceable.  At least that’s how I see it.

So why can I not be replaced?

Why can you not be replaced?

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