Keeping the momentum going

Monday , 9, September 2013 Leave a comment

As summer quickly runs into fall, i seem to be slowing down on a lot of things personally.  I’m sleeping more, exercising less, and enjoying more comfort foods than I really should be.  Last year, this wasn’t a problem.  I think partially it was because I was still running on the endorphin high of buying my new house, and getting settled, but this year I just don’t seem to have the oomph that I used to.  But I want that oomph.  I need to keep running.  I need to keep my personal momentum going.  I’m not sure what’s wrong to keep me from doing that.  I’m growing complacent- content to spend the extra 20 minutes in bed instead of getting up with the first alarm and going out to run.  I’m content with old eating habits of less veg and more carbs.  I’m content with hiding in my house instead of aiming to balance my social and alone time.

Maybe its just growing up and growing old.  I keep trying to pinpoint what it could be, but I’m unsure.  Other than the fact that ruts are comfortable.  These things I have done in the past feel good.  And its true- eating comfort foods makes you feel better – for a time.  But then you feel tired and unmotivated and bloaty. Sleeping in past when your body is comfortable sleeping just makes you more tired as the day progresses.

I have mental goals that I want to achieve.  I want to keep myself motivated and moving.  I need to find that motivation again.  I need to remind myself that the little bit of pain I feel during/after big runs is normal.  I need to remind myself that my body will thank me more if I eat salmon instead of steak, and rice instead of potatoes.  I also need to keep reminding myself that I don’t need anyone to give me that motivation.  I shouldn’t need it, at least.  I should work to find the motivation in me.  If I try for motivation from others, it will make me not want to do it.  The motivation to make myself happier and healthier has to be within me.

Now to go about finding it.

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