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I don’t know why I am feeling so down of late- not sure if its a cyclical thing, or if its just the dreadful winter we’ve been having.  I’ve been feeling a little more myself of late now that the sun has been rising and melting the snow, and I’ve been able to change from […]

I used to wake up early, greet the day with a smile and go for a run.  I used to have my menus together, my time management down to an art form. I sent out letters, 5-6 a day to people all over the world.  I kept the house semi clean.  I did my dishes. […]

So many people, so many sites say this same phrase.  ”You are not alone,” they emblazon in large letters on their web pages, offering help.  They say it in blog posts, they say it in politics.  Yet, when it comes down to it, we are alone.  Here I sit, alone, in my house.  Typing to […]

I’ve been watching a lot of QI lately- a show where Stephen Fry gets to talk about all sorts of trivia bits, do cool experiments, and play with knicknacks and the like.  And while yes, that is totally awesome, there’s nothing to say I can’t do any of that in my regular life, so that […]

I have always loved the movie Pollyanna.  Not just for the fabulous Victorian clothing, or because I want to win a doll at a carnival, or the general sense of community that’s built throughout the movie (or even Haley Mills and her adorableness.)  Part of it is because I think Karl Malden is an incredible […]

So for the National Suicide Prevention week, To Write Love on Her Arms has published this PDF :   You’re supposed to write on it why you cannot be replaced.  I sat and looked at it repeatedly, but right now, I honestly cannot see how I cannot be replaced.  Every day we’re reminded in our […]

As summer quickly runs into fall, i seem to be slowing down on a lot of things personally.  I’m sleeping more, exercising less, and enjoying more comfort foods than I really should be.  Last year, this wasn’t a problem.  I think partially it was because I was still running on the endorphin high of buying […]

My Great Aunt Vesta died on Friday.  I suppose for most people, their “great” relatives, other than perhaps a Great-Grandmother, but I have had the good fortune to have “great” relatives in abundance in my life.  Vesta was the last of my given name line.  I still have a Great Uncle in Pennsylvania on my […]

So over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.  Not that I am not in a constant state of deep thought most of the time, but there has been more of them, and deeper thoughts than previously.  One of those thoughts was to get my thoughts out of my head, onto […]

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